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Bird Flu Cases Now Number 28
Counts of bird flu cases in China continue to rise, but news of at least one patient’s recovery is announced.
Number of Bird Flu Cases Grows
Tensions are rising as reports of increasing numbers of bird flu cases in China continue to develop.
Bird Flu Cases Grow in Number
Could a new outbreak of bird flu be about to strike in China? More information is coming out about the illness.
Is Bird Flu Back?
The world may have thought that outbreaks of bird flu were behind it, but new cases are landing the flu back in the headlines and landing a few Chinese patients into hospitals.
Flu Shot Has Risks, But Still Worth It
One of the single best ways to avoid getting the flu is to get the flu shot. But some people worry about possible side effects from the shot.
A Tiny Risk for Narcolepsy?
One of the best ways to reduce risk of catching the flu is getting a flu shot. However, all vaccines carry some small risks. Researchers continue to look for possible evidence of these risks.
How Does the Flu Spread So Quickly?
During flu season, the flu often seems to spread like wildfire. Recent research gives some insight about how the flu spreads so quickly.
Flu Shot “Egg-cellent” for Allergic Kids
While the flu vaccine lowers chances of getting the flu, there have been concerns about giving it to egg-allergic children. This group now appears to have no reaction from the treatment.
New Flu Shot – Without Eggs
One drawback of the seasonal flu vaccine is that it's made with egg proteins – a possible problem for people with egg allergies. But next year, they will have a new egg-free option.
Flu Shot Protects Mom and Unborn Baby
With a flu pandemic going on, public health authorities are encouraging everyone to get flu shots. But pregnant women may worry – will the shot hurt my baby?