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Statin and Antibody Combo Lowered Very High Cholesterol
For many patients, statins have been an effective therapy for reducing high levels of cholesterol. For some with very high cholesterol, statins may not be enough.
Many Not Getting Statins When They May Benefit
People take statin medications to fight high cholesterol. While these medications also may help those with high heart risks but not high cholesterol, statins are not always prescribed to those patients.
Statins May Lift Hearts But Not Kidneys
Lowering unhealthy cholesterol with statins can reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke in patients, including those with kidney disease. This therapy, however, may not help kidney disease itself.
The More Babies, the Bigger Risk for Blocked Arteries
Pregnancy and giving birth can put a lot of stress on women's bodies. It's possible that mothers could have an increased risk of heart disease associated with pregnancy.
Healthy Hearts and Strong Brains
Keeping blood pressure in check could reduce your risk for heart disease. But could it also help you stay sharp in midlife?
Cholesterol in Kids Reaches Unhealthy Highs
A cholesterol screening is often a standard part of an adult check-up. Doctors could soon recommend it for children as well, as more kids may have high cholesterol.
Rx May Lengthen Lives for Those with Heart Disease
Non-obstructive coronary artery disease may show little or no signs of artery blockage, but it can still prove deadly. Blood pressure medication may lower the mortality risk for these patients.
A Diabetic Pregnancy and the Heart
Among the complications that can occur during a pregnancy is gestational diabetes. Though gestational diabetes usually goes away after pregnancy, its risks may not always.
A Diet Rich in Fish Nets a Healthy Heart
Many studies have shown that eating fish can be good for the heart. To have a protective effect, however, fish consumption may have to be higher than once thought.
Children Hurt by Secondhand Smoke
Parents awaiting the birth of their child often do all kinds of things in preparation, such as child-proofing their home. But for parents who smoke, stopping may be the healthiest thing they can do.