Health News

A Gut Check Could Predict Heart Attack
Your abdominal aorta supplies blood to all major abdominal organs and the legs. If it becomes blocked, not only may organs and legs suffer, it can be a harbinger of a future heart attack. Spotting such blockage can warn doctors of this risk in their patients.
The Way to the Heart May Be the Wrist
Blocked arteries may be reopened through a catheter procedure. While traditionally the procedure has been carried out through the groin, access through the wrist may be a better route.
Staying Fit to Stay Heart-Healthy
One part of keeping your heart healthy is keeping your arteries healthy. One thing that may help keep your arteries healthy is staying physically fit, even when you're still a teenager.
Fighting Diabetes with Fish Oil
Fish oil is a popular dietary supplement in the US. Taking fish oil supplements may have several benefits, including prevention of type 2 diabetes. 
Fish Oil Pills May Not Save Sinking Hearts
Omega-3 fatty acids in fish have been shown to boost heart health. While eating fish may help the heart, fish oil capsules appear to offer no benefit for high-risk heart patients.
Web Tool to Choose Angioplasty or Surgery
Coronary bypass surgery and angioplasty are two leading treatments for heart disease. A new method may help predict which option will be best for each patient.
Diabetes and Aspirin May Not Always Mix
While aspirin is often recommended to lower the risk of heart attack in those with diabetes, new research suggests that it may not always help, and it could do more harm than good.
Bad News for Red Meat Lovers
While it’s been shown that fat and cholesterol in a juicy hamburger may be unhealthy for your heart, a compound called carnitine may be even worse for you.
For the Bald, Heart Trouble May Be Ahead
Men who are bald or going bald cannot comb over the fact that hair loss may be linked to coronary heart disease.
Opening Arteries Without Surgical Backup
When arteries are blocked, angioplasty may restore blood flow. Because complications from angioplasty are few, it may be performed safely at hospitals without on-site cardiac surgery.