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Do Positive Cancer Results Need to Be Redefined?
At what point should tests be considered positive for cancer? This may sound like a silly question. Physician scientists, however, don’t have a solid answer when it comes to lung cancer.
Emerging Cancer Threat For European Women
Lung cancer is the number one cause of cancer-related deaths for both men and women in the United States. For women in Europe, breast cancer is their biggest death threat – but not for long.
Why Lung Cancer Survival Rates Vary
Living beyond lung cancer is generally tied to the stage at which it’s detected. But what if survival rates weren’t tied to time of diagnosis, but rather where you lived?
What's Contributing to Lung Cancer Among Nonsmokers?
According to a new study, indoor air pollution is a major contributing factor for high lung cancer rates among nonsmoking Chinese women. This pollution is caused by fine particles produced by heating fuels, cooking oils and secondhand smoke.
Burning Old Electronics Is Bad News
Many electronic devices contain toxic materials, and if incinerated, they can release deadly fumes. These fumes may contain carcinogens that up the risk for lung cancer.
Gene Test Catches Tiny Cancers
A new genetic test, combined with CT screening, can identify aggressive lung cancer at an early stage. Results may help determine the best therapy options to help patients live longer.
Deadly Zip Codes
Where someone lives has an impact on their health. Everything from air pollution to healthcare access affects a person’s health, well-being and likelihood of dying. This appears to be true with regards to lung cancer deaths.
50-Year Trends in Smoking Related Deaths
Too many people have died from smoking-related illnesses in the past 50 years. But there is good news: quitting smoking starts the healing process and immediately begins to reduce the risks of smoking-related disease.
Speeding Up the Discovery Process
To find out if a lung cancer prevention drug is effective, scientists may follow thousands of patients for more than a decade. A recent discovery of a molecular response may significantly shorten these trials.
Cancer Screening Can Be a Life Saver
A key to beating lung cancer is finding it early on. After extensive research, the American Cancer Society now recommends CT screening for older patients with a history of smoking.