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Another Scary Thing In The Basement
Every night, homeowners lock their doors, and maybe set an alarm system to keep out danger or intruders. But there's one danger that quite literally can slip through the cracks and come inside: radon gas. 
Learning from History
In recognition of Black History Month we're taking a look at diseases for which African-Americans are at higher risk -- and what to do about them.
Illegal Drugs Aren't the Only Kind That Kill
Avastin®, a cancer drug, has been shown to increase patient death from adverse events when used in conjunction with chemotherapy or biological therapy, according to new analysis of previous studies.
The Worst Breath of All
Researchers are working to develop a new diagnostics platform to detect lung cancer earlier, including a device that detects protein biomarkers in exhaled air.
Is Anti-Estrogen Therapy Also Anti-Lung Cancer?
The anti-estrogen drug (tamoxifen) that helped transform breast cancer treatment may also reduce the risk of dying from lung cancer, according to a new study.
Lung-Cancer Link: TB or not TB?
Though a direct link has never been established between tuberculosis (TB) and lung cancer, researchers have established some compelling evidence suggesting a correlation.