Health News

Online Cig Cessation Sensation
Support for quitting smoking goes high tech with WebQuit, a study whose aim is to get as many people willing to sign up for free to drop and stop the habit.
Smoking Cancels Out Benefits of Multivitamins
Is there such thing as health conscious smoking? Some smokers believe that smoking risks are lessened when they take vitamins or supplements regularly. Does that actually work though?
Doubling Progression-Free Survival
Being diagnosed with lung cancer usually means months of chemotherapy followed by a relapse. That outlook is changing for the better.
Cancer in America
Earlier this year, the American Cancer Society released the latest figures on the state of the nation's battle against the world's most dreaded disease. The good news is that cancer death rates are down across the board. The not-so-good news is that less educated Americans are dying prematurely in greater numbers.
Gene That Drives Lung Cancer Discovered
Magical mystery tour. That's what the painstaking process of locating genetic mutations could be called, and biologists may have landed at a critically important new destination.
Non-Smoker Lung Tumors are More Unstable
The best way to avoid lung cancer is to never pick up the smoking habit. Unfortunately, that's no guarantee for skirting deadly lung cancer disease.
Preventing Lung Cancer may be Possible
Even though someone has quit smoking, he or she still has an elevated risk of developing lung cancer. New research has discovered a common drug may decrease some of those risks.
Saving the Lives of Heavy Smokers
Lung cancer is most commonly detected with a chest X-ray. This standard technique misses a number of early cancers, though. A study shows another technology is not only a better screening tool, but can save the lives of smokers.
Slowing Advanced Lung Cancer
Advanced lung cancer offers few options for patients, unfortunately. A recent Spanish study opens new possibilities by extending the use of an established treatment drug, Alimta.
Advancing Treatment of Advanced Lung Cancer
Advancements in medicine are moving toward targeted therapy - treatments that target the exact cause of an individual's cancer. These advancements are being tested in advanced lung cancer.