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Why Cancer Drugs Stop Working
A common story in cancer treatment is of specialized drugs that work great initially, but over time the cancer becomes resistant to the drug. Finding out why this happens has become paramount for scientists.
One Lung Cancer Drug - Multiple Targets
Cancer biology overlaps frequently, and some drugs designed for a specific mutation may have multiple uses, as one study shows.
Double Punch Urged for Lung Cancer
Non-small cell lung cancer ( NSCLC ) is a tough one, but r esearchers have found a new target for treating this disease. When added to other therapies, the combination might just deliver a knock-out punch.
Predicting Life After Lung Cancer
Not only is lung cancer one of the most commonly diagnosed cancers in the United States, it's also the leading cause of death in China. A new test may help save thousands of lives.
Former Penn State Coach Joe Paterno Dies
The winningest coach in football history, Joe Paterno , has died of complications from lung cancer.
Lung Tumors Share Same Genetic Background
Multicentric carcinogenesis is the technical term for the formation of multiple cancerous tumors. This phenomenon can occur in lung cancer. Researchers have recently uncovered important genetic information about this process.
Why Never-Smokers Get Lung Cancer
While the incidence of lung cancer is decreasing in this country, there's another alarming trend. Roughly one in 10 individuals who is diagnosed with lung cancer has never smoked! And researchers are trying to understand why.
Estrogen Meds Help Prevent Lung Cancer too
The hormone estrogen is well-known for driving breast cancer. Researchers are now finding that estrogen-blocking medications, which are commonly used to help prevent a recurrence of the disease, may have uses in other cancers as well.
New Smoking Gun Explains Cancer in Never-Smokers
We think of lung cancer being the result of tobacco smoking. And while that's certainly a risk factor, nearly a quarter of lung cancer patients have never taken a puff. A never before known genetic event may solve this mystery.
Breathalyzer Test for Lung Cancer
You're standing in the grocery store and breathe into a hand-held device. This machine tells you if you're at risk of lung cancer. Just such technology exists, though you may or may not see it at the grocery store.