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Double Down on Lung Cancer Treatment
Lung cancer, prostate cancer, and breast cancer have roughly equal numbers of new cases diagnosed each year, but lung cancer is four times as fatal than the other two.
Lung Cancer - Donna Summer's Last Dance
Last Dance. She Works Hard for the Money. Bad Girls. You've heard her music. Donna Summer - known to many as "The Q ueen of Disco" has passed.
Lung Cancer, More Than Meets the Eye
While there are three main kinds of lung cancer, it seems that the genetics of each are more complicated than anyone had guessed.
Blood Test Hopes to Detect Early Lung Cancer
Detecting lung cancer early is the best chance at curing it. Like many cancers, the larger and more advanced it becomes the harder it is to successfully treat.
E-vading Cancer
The anti-cancer benefits of vitamin E have been all over the map. Some studies say it increases a person's cancer risk; others suggest just the opposite. Scientists have hit a slick spot in this discussion.
"Hispanic Paradox" Extends to Lung Cancer
Hispanic cancer patients tend to outlive white or black patients with the same disease. This phenomenon is known as "The Hispanic Paradox."
Chemotherapy not Effective in Seniors?
Cancer treatment has come a long way in the last few decades, and further refinement is a constant process. New research shows that the age of the patient may influence the best drug treatment option.
Cancer Rx Surprising Side Effects
Side effects from older chemotherapies are well known. As cancer treatments get more complex over time, the side effects can be less obvious.
Smoking out Lung Cancer Risks
Cancers don't behave the same in all bodies. Depending on the molecules involved, one cancer could be very different in one person than it is in another. This is becoming particularly clear in lung cancer.
Possible new Lung Cancer Chemo Combo
Scientists continue to search for next-step treatment options for people living with lung cancer. A combination of chemotherapy agents may be an alternative for some folks.