Health News

Healthy Diets Reduced Diabetes Risk
Poor diet can contribute to the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. But which is the right diet to reduce that risk?
Health Benefits of Running
Physical activity is an important contributor to one’s health and wellness, yet it seems that an increasing number of people in the U.S. are not getting enough exercise.
Diabetes on the Rise as Obesity Rates Climb
Just by taking a look around, one might see that obesity has become a bigger problem over the last several decades. But changes in diabetes rates are less easy to see.
Weight Loss Surgery Not Just for Obese
Gastric banding is a weight loss procedure that has been used successfully to control diabetes in severely obese people. The operation may now provide similar benefits to those who are overweight.
For Diabetes Patients, Exercise Is a Life Saver
Heart disease and stroke are the main causes of death and disability in people with diabetes. Exercise, however, has proven to be a great way to lower that risk.
Diet and Exercise to Stave off Diabetes and Death
For people with chronic high blood sugar, exercise and a healthy diet could delay or prevent diabetes. New research shows those interventions could even save lives.
Diabetes in Pregnancy May Have Long-Term Effects on Kids
Diabetes during pregnancy can mean complications to the infant before and after birth. However, the long-term health issues these babies may face are not very clear.
Too Little Sleep Linked to Diabetes and Obesity
Sometimes, we take sleep for granted. But getting a good night’s sleep can be key to maintaining a healthy metabolism and preventing diabetes and obesity.
Obesity and Diabetes Could Affect Cancer Treatment
Diabetes and obesity are problematic on their own, but could they also affect how the body responds to treatments for other conditions, like cancer? New studies suggest this is the case.
Agave Sugar Might Help Diabetes Patients
Americans with diabetes often use sugar alternatives to manage their health. Promising animal research may eventually offer a new sweetener option that could help reduce blood sugar and weight.