Health News

The Long Lead-Up to Chronic Kidney Disease
Serious illness does not always strike suddenly. Sometimes, it comes at the end of long road marked by other health problems. Kidney disease often is preceded by other avoidable health problems.
Keeping Track of Gestational Diabetes
A variety of pregnancy complications can increase the risks of childbirth and pregnancy for women. Gestational diabetes is one of these.
A Better Diet Might Prevent Diabetes
Some risk factors for type 2 diabetes, such as a family history of the condition, age and race, may be out of a person's control. But people do have control over other risk factors, including diet.
Rare, Deadly Disease More Likely in Obese Women on Dialysis
Scientists don’t fully understand calciphylaxis, a rare and potentially deadly blood vessel condition. But new research points to some of the major factors linked to the disease.
Weight Loss Surgery Seems to Be a Diabetes Game-Changer
To fight diabetes, patients can make changes in diet and exercise, take medication, or in some cases, undergo weight loss surgery. For the obese, surgery has been shown to cut both weight and diabetes risk.
Obesity Outweighed Genetics as Diabetes Risk
Some people have genes that make them more likely to develop type 2 diabetes. Weight loss, however, may be the most effective way to lower diabetes risk, regardless of genetic risk.
Two Meals Beat Six for Diabetes Patients
Some diabetes patients believe eating five or six small meals a day helps control weight and boost metabolism. More evidence, however, is challenging the benefits of this meal plan.
Meeting UN Health Goals Could Save Millions of Lives
Some of the biggest killers worldwide are diseases that can largely be prevented: heart disease, chronic respiratory disease, cancers and diabetes. But it will require some effort.
Small Doses of Exercise Kept Blood Sugar in Line
People who are insulin resistant are unable to turn their blood sugar into energy and can be at risk for diabetes. It’s possible that significantly better blood sugar control can be achieved with a few simple steps.
More Coffee Might Reduce Diabetes Risk
Many people drink caffeinated drinks like coffee or tea on a daily basis. It's possible that even small changes in coffee consumption could affect their health in a major way.