Health News

Translucent Particle Contamination
American Regent is conducting a nationwide voluntary recall to the consumer and user level of potassium phosphates injection.
Unemployment Doesn't Hurt Just Your Wallet
According to a new research, those who are unemployed have more health problems than those who are still employed.
American Spoon Recalls Sauces
American Spoon Foods is recalling three of its sauce products because of undeclared wheat ingredients.
Croissant Recall in Michigan
Mexicantown Wholesale of Detroit, Michigan is recalling all lots of cuernos (croissants) manufactured between 6/27/2010 and 12/28/2010.
Tiny, Tainted Greens May Make You Turn Green
The FDA and the Illinois Department of Public Health ( IDPH ) have conducted an inspection of Tiny Greens Organic Farm and has collected both product and environmental samples.
Certain Vaccines May Help Guard Against Childhood Cancer
Children vaccinated against hepatitis B might be at a lower risk of developing leukemia, according to a new study.
What's in this Weight Loss Pill?
Shaping Beauty, Inc. has been informed by the FDA that a weight loss dietary supplement sold and marketed by the firm contains an undeclared drug ingredient.
Loony Macaroony
South Florida Bakery is issuing a voluntary recall on all lot codes of Publix Bakery Coconut Macaroons ( Coquitos ).
The Uncertain Future
Recent ethical controversy concerning human embryonic stem cell research has created an environment of uncertainty that is impacting scientists who work with stem cells, according to a new survey.
Equal Protection
A study funded by HPV (human papillomavirus) vaccine maker, Merck & Co., finds the HPV vaccine Gardasil® protects boys as well as girls against the virus.