Health News

Okra from the Magic Valley
Magic Valley Fresh Frozen, Inc. announced on Feb. 1 that it is voluntarily recalling 6,492 packages of frozen breaded okra because they may contain undeclared whey.
Tainted Cilantro
Sabor Farms, LLC. of Salinas, CA is recalling fresh cilantro because it has the potential to be contaminated with Salmonella.
For decades now, watching lots of television has been linked to rising obesity rates. And now a researcher at the University of Minnesota is criticizing the device's increasing presence in restaurants.
This Texas Taffy is for the Dogs
Merrick Pet Care is recalling all lots of their Jr . Texas Taffy pet treats due to potential contamination by Salmonella, which can infect both animals and people.
Don't Let Your Horse Kick the Bucket!
Manna Pro Products, LLC has issued a voluntary recall of one lot of horse feed due to a potentially fatal medical ingredient named monensin sodium.
No Almond Joy Here
Publix Super Markets is voluntarily recalling its tiramisu ice cream due to an undeclared almond ingredient that could lead to allergies in those with sensitivity or allergies to nut products.
Emergency: Why Am I Here?
When admitted to a hospital emergency department, elderly patients who suffer from dementia and delirium often do not understand why they are there. They also tend to not understand ER discharge instructions.
Kentucky, We Have a Problem
Shuckman's Fish Co. from Kentucky is recalling two of their products due to undeclared soy, which could cause a serious allergic reaction in certain people.
Unprotected Old Folks
During both the 2009 H1N1 flu epidemic and the whooping cough outbreak in California, elderly Hispanics had high rates of infection. New research suggests this might be due to low vaccination rates and language.
The Dangers of a Winter Wonderland
Winter time is here, and it's about to get nasty, so we've gathered information to help you stay safe during the upcoming frozen, frigid, storm that's about to hit.