Health News

Is Country Mouse or City Mouse Safer?
If rural roads and cornfields beckon your soul, you may think the usually slower pace of life in the country is a safer place to live than in the bustling city. But you might be surprised.
Kapow! NHL Still Getting Hit to the Head
A lot of hockey fans follow the game for the hard hitting action. The last few seasons may not have appeared as violent, but the pros are still getting a good knocking to the head.
Sports Injuries Strike Again
Sports are a great way for kids to get exercise and have fun. But sometimes young athletes get hurt.
No Helmet Brand Beats the Competition
Head injuries and concussions are almost a given in American football. Is there some brand of equipment that can protect the heads of young athletes better than others?
It's All Fun — Until Someone Gets Hurt
Riding all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) has become more popular in the past three decades. Among children, however, injury rates remain high.
Fireworks Fun and Safety
Skies lit up with fireworks often mark a July 4th holiday. It’s the on-the-ground activity surrounding those festivities that can be cause for serious concern.
Seat Belts Save Lives — Even Unborn Ones
It may seem inconvenient to get a seat belt around your belly while you're pregnant. But during pregnancy, wearing a seat belt is even more important if you're in an accident.
Hidden Hazards of Potty Training?
All kinds of interesting mishaps can occur when toddlers are potty training. Some of those mishaps may be more painful than others for the little guys.
When Soccer Gets Down and Dirty
Maybe soccer players need more than shin pads. Young athletes can take some major blows and bruises during practice and games. And the number of injuries increase as players get older.
Waves Knock Swimmers into the ER
Splashing around in shallow water at the beach may seem low risk, but getting knocked down by a crashing wave can be very dangerous. Awareness and caution may be the key to safety.