Health News

Dangerous Day-Dreaming Drivers
It's not uncommon to "get into the zone" while driving or doing another common activity. It's also common to "zone out." But zoning out while driving can be dangerous.
How the Brain Fixes a Concussion
A bump on the head is sometimes more than just an ouch. Symptoms from a concussion or other mild traumatic brain injury ( TBI ) can last for months or even years.
Hockey Hits the Head Hard
Football has been in the news for concern over head injuries. Now it's hockey's turn. Concussions and on-going headaches are impacting both men and women hockey players.
Hockey Injuries Checked Out
There's a reason why you don't see as many body slams into the glass at hockey games these days. Programs designed to make hockey safer and less violent are doing their job, new research has found.
The Likelihood Of A Cervical Spine Injury
Neck injuries are treated with great caution to avoid further complications including paralysis. This extra level of care often leads to the overuse of expensive radiography.
It Takes a Village
Children who have experienced multiple traumas face many challenges including possible PTSD, depression and anxiety. A combination of therapy and social services could provide the necessary support for a child to overcome these problems.
Injured Down There
It's a man's worst nightmare: getting hit in the you-know-what. Females can get hurt along the same areas, too.
Don't Be a Hard Head!
Hitting the slopes shouldn't involve hitting your head. Though helmets may be bulky and make hearing more difficult, wearing one can protect your noggin and your life.
Saving Face in Field Hockey
Your child athlete might think twice about wearing the helmet or the eyewear that would keep his or her head intact. But the data doesn't back them up.
Blow to the Head, No Problem?
With America well into football season, the clashing of helmets has led to some major damage and blows to the head. But high school football players aren't too upset about it.