Health News

Safety Gear Doesn’t Stop Concussions
Helmets and mouth guards do a lot to protect the head from injury. How well the equipment protects against concussion is another story.
More Than A Bump On The Head
Injuries can be a matter of course for sports-loving teenagers. But when it comes to injuries to the head, it may be necessary to take extra care to prevent long lasting effects.
Older Motorcycle Riders at Higher Risk
It's no secret that riding a motorcycle can lead to serious injuries during a car crash. But it appears that the age of the riders can make a difference in their injuries.
Does Rinse and Repeat Apply To CT Scans?
Patients want the best care, especially when it comes to potential brain injury. Is more scanning always the best option or is it best to wait for evidence that imaging is needed?
Overweight? Better Drive Safely
Wearing seat belts and driving safely are two ways to protect yourself from dying in a car accident. Losing weight might be another one.
Reducing Child Abuse & Neglect
It’s not always easy to notice child abuse and neglect. Not every type of injury is visible to the naked eye. Once child abuse is spotted, how can interventions be most effective?
How Safe is Your Playground?
Swings, slides and jungle gyms are standard sights in neighborhood playgrounds, but so are trips and falls. A safe playground can ensure fewer injuries from those falls.
Opioids and Driving Don't Mix
Drinking and driving is an obvious no-no. But painkillers and driving can be just as dangerous. Let somebody else take over driving duties during pain management regimens.
You are Benched
Not so fast. Head injury still bothering you? You might not be allowed to play just yet. "No athlete diagnosed with a concussion should return to play on the same day or while symptomatic," the authors of a recent report said.
More Grim News for Gridiron?
Football has always been a dangerous game. Now researchers are learning more about the long-term effects professional players may be experiencing from career-related head injuries.