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Athletic Trainer To The Rescue
In sports, first there's the athlete. Then the coach. And finally, the athletic trainer?
Sports Fans Lash Out
Team spirit is one thing. Getting into angry rages and fights over a sporting event is another. What happens when fandom goes too far?
Wearing a Bicycle Helmet Saves Lives
Most people put on a seatbelt as soon as they get into their cars to drive somewhere. Putting on a helmet before a bicycle ride should be just as automatic. It could save your life.
Is That a Concussion?
The helmet on that athlete's head can only do so much. The short- and long-term problems from getting hit on the noggin have been laid out over the years, but diagnosing them has been a different story.
FDA issues warning letters to PruTect Rx and Trinity Sports Group Inc
The US Food and Drug Administration today issued warning letters to PruTect Rx, of Highlands Ranch, Colo., and Trinity Sports Group Inc., of Plano, Texas, for promoting products labeled as dietary supplements with claims to treat concussions and prevent or treat post-concussion syndrome and other neurological disorders.
Overworked Doctors Cost Everyone
Piling work on doctors to the breaking point can harm everyone involved. Patients aren’t the only ones who lose when doctors are overworked—the hospital’s bottom line does too.
Mid-Season Shoulder Injuries
Is it better to do a quick fix or long-term solution when it comes to shoulder injuries? Doctors said it depends on the bigger picture.
Can Concussions Spark Aging?
What is the long-term price of bumps on the head and concussions? Could they contribute to premature mental aging by breaking down neural pathways?
Plasticity: The Un-Computer-Like Brain
Our most complex artifact, the digital computer, has long been used as a metaphor to explain how the brain works. Now, brain scientists are increasingly researching "neuroplasticity": how the brain changes in ways that are utterly un-computer-like.
Can Pre-Season Strength Prevent Injury?
What’s the best way to prevent sports injuries? No one has found the magic answer yet, and pre-season fitness doesn’t seem to matter much either. A recent study tested athletic strength in pre-season to see if it predicted later injury.