Health News

It Takes a Village
The neighborhood you call home shapes many aspects of your life. But does it affect your chances of becoming obese or developing diabetes? Researchers recently explored this question.
Some Merlot for Your Diabetes
Red wine has been shown to have certain health benefits, including protection against heart disease. Now, it appears that a compound found in red wine may protect against type 2 diabetes.
Diabetes Can't Handle Veggies
Here in the United States, we eat a lot of meat. We also have a huge public health problem with diabetes. While meat may not be responsible for the soaring rates of diabetes, not eating meat could prevent the disease.
The Byetta Bonus
In many cases, drugs can have harmful side effects. They also can have unintended uses and benefits. Sometimes a drug designed to treat one disease has the power to treat an entirely different disorder.
From One Diabetes to Another
All women who develop gestational diabetes (diabetes during pregnancy) should be screened for diabetes after they deliver their baby. Diabetes screening may be especially important for some African American mothers.
When Fighting One Disease Causes Another
More and more research is showing a link between breast cancer and diabetes. Yet, only a handful of studies have looked at the relationship between cancer drugs and the risk of diabetes.
Diabetes: The South Asian Risk
In the fight against type 2 diabetes, it is important to know who is at risk for the disease. While obesity is a major part of the picture, genetics also play a role in the development of diabetes.
New Drug Treats Diabetes and High Cholesterol
The FDA has approved Juvisync, a prescription medication that contains two previously approved medicines in one tablet: Januvia (sitagliptin) for diabetes and Zocor (simvastatin) for high cholesterol.
Intervening in Obesity and Diabetes
With both obesity and diabetes on the rise, there is much need for treatment options that work. Exercise and healthy eating are among those options.
Less Life Free of Diabetes
Americans are living longer than ever before. But does this longer life expectancy mean that people are living healthier, or are they living longer through periods of sickness?