Health News

More Grim News for Gridiron?
Football has always been a dangerous game. Now researchers are learning more about the long-term effects professional players may be experiencing from career-related head injuries.
Caregivers Take on the Alzheimer’s Patch
Caregivers of people with Alzheimer’s disease (AD) may have a lot to manage. Can skin patches that deliver drugs save time, energy and improve quality of life for caregivers?
Behind the Wheel with Dementia
Some reports say that dementia patients may be more likely to have car accidents while driving. But are accidents the reason that people stop driving when they have dementia?
Post-Surgery Memory Loss Is Not Dementia
Some people have problems with thinking and memory after having surgery. Researchers wanted to know if having these post-surgery problems was a risk factor for dementia.
Feeling Blue With Alzheimer's
Losing mental skills can be hard to handle and may, understandably, lead to depression. Depression symptoms with dementia could intensify some problem behaviors, which may affect quality of life.
To Boldly Go Into Space…Has Risks
Space: the final frontier. Today, a manned mission to Mars is a more realistic possibility than ever. But to boldly go where no man has gone before can take its toll on our brains.
Linking Dementia and Depression?
Aging is a part of life and it can involve changes in the brain. Most do not develop memory problems or depression, but these two things can develop together in some people.
ICU Stays Linked to Dementia
For the elderly, a stay in the intensive care unit (ICU) can be stressful and may be linked to dementia. A recent study found that some ICU experiences may raise the risk of dementia.
Replaying Memories as Dementia Therapy?
Reminiscence therapy uses the good aspects of memory to help people feel better. A recent study wanted to know if this therapy could help dementia patients and their caregivers.
Alzheimer’s Tests Working Together
Medical tests for Alzheimer’s disease (AD) may help with early diagnosis, but no test is perfect. A recent study found that conducting multiple tests together improved the accuracy. But is this expense worth it?