Health News

Memantine Doesn’t Work for all Dementias
Medications for Alzheimer’s disease are sometimes used to treat other types of dementia, like frontotemporal lobar degeneration (FTLD). But they may not be all that helpful.
An Offbeat Heart May Mess With the Mind
Heart problems are common among older people. According to recent research, older people with an offbeat heart may also have thinking problems.
Alzheimer's Now Linked to Diabetes
From your head to your toes, diabetes can affect many aspects of your health. This common condition may even harm your ability to think and process information.
Hearing Loss and the Aging Brain
Some degree of hearing loss is expected in the later years of life. But does fuzzy sound mean more than just not hearing the doorbell ring?
Blood Pressure and Brain Damage
Controlling blood pressure is important for heart health. A recent study suggested it may also be important for brain heath.
High Blood Pressure May Affect MCI
High blood pressure can be controlled with medicine, but it often goes unnoticed. In people with mild cognitive impairment (MCI), blood pressure issues might affect mental function.
Surgical Menopause Treatment Options
The average age for natural menopause (a woman's last period) is 51. But some women experience menopause earlier, whether naturally or because of surgery.
New MRI Method for Diagnosing Dementia
A test called a spinal tap can test for markers of Alzheimer’s disease (AD). The markers can help doctors tell if dementia is AD or not. An MRI may offer a less invasive way to look at markers.
Keep Your Mind Sharp: Aprender Español!
Being able to speak two languages has all sorts of benefits. A possible long-term benefit may be surprising, though. You might end up sharper in old age.
Beta Blockers May Protect the Brain
High blood pressure has been linked to higher risk of dementia. Using certain high blood pressure drugs may protect the brain from damage.