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Phase I Success for new Prostate Cancer Drug
For men with aggressive prostate cancer, few treatment options are available. A new drug, however, showed a positive effect in reducing the number of tumor cells and cancer markers in advanced prostate cancer.
Early Prostate Screenings May Not Be Worth It
Prostate cancer is the most common non-skin cancer in men. While some specialty organizations recommend that screening begin at age 40, there is little evidence showing real benefits to screening at this age.
Imaging Cancer’s Return
After prostate cancer patients receive treatment, they still run the risk of the disease coming back. A newly approved imaging agent offers a way to detect recurrence earlier.
Partner's Role in Prostate Rehab
Prostate cancer surgery patients commonly experience erectile dysfunction. While many seek therapy to regain function, they may need more partner support to stay with the program.
Radiation May Block Cancer Comeback
Although most men who have their prostate removed to treat prostate cancer stay disease free, some have a recurrence. Radiation following the surgery appears to reduce the chance of the cancer returning.
Heart Risk Factors Tied to Cancer Survival
A group of health factors, such as high blood pressure and obesity, can lead to heart disease. They may also increase the risk of prostate cancer.
Green Tea Gets More Ammo
Green tea is loaded with antioxidants that may help cancer prevention. Many studies have been inconclusive, but new research shows possible benefits for prostate cancer patients.
Fruits & Veggies Punch Cancer
Flavonoids , which add color to fruits and vegetables, have been shown to inhibit chronic diseases. Eating a diet rich in these foods may decrease prostate cancer risk as well.
Prostate Cancer Has Gene Fortune Tellers
To determine treatment for prostate cancer, doctors may look to a patient’s DNA. How aggressive the disease will be may be predicted by examining gene patterns in blood cells.
Prostate Surgery Can Lead to Eye Injury?
At first thought, it may seem difficult to see the connection between prostate surgery and eye injury. You might first think, “Are prostate surgeons that far off target?”