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The Low Down on PSA Levels
There has been a dizzying amount of information lately about using prostate-specific antigen (PSA) testing to screen for prostate cancer.
Radiation for Advanced Prostate Cancer
Metastasis of an aggressive cancer is difficult to treat, especially when the cancer is already resistant to most therapies, as in castration-resistant prostate cancer.
Prostate Cancer Drug Too Good To Test
Having a clinical trial canceled is a nightmare for researchers.  If the trial stops, researchers want it to be like this.
Using Robots to Help Surgeons is Expensive
The use of robotic-assisted surgery is only a few years old, and some surgeons have taken a real shine to having a previously unknown level of precision and control during an operation.
Different Prostate Cancer Discovered
Recent genetic studies on prostate cancer have found an entirely new variation that does not follow the normal pattern and could represent an entirely different sort of cancer.
Sex & Prostate Cancer
Not only is prostate cancer tough, the toll it takes on sexual function doesn’t make things any easier. A little support from peers and professionals can help.
Psychology Behind the Prostate Cancer Test
Scientists have piles of data showing that people simply don't understand or care about statistics.  Most people find numbers un-intuitive.
No More PSA Testing - Why?
Following a period of public discussion, the final official recommendation has been made to stop using the PSA test to screen for prostate cancer.
Racial Differences in Cancer Treatment
For historical reasons that are sometimes still valid, some people are not comfortable disclosing everything to a health professional, or even trusting them to tell them the truth.
Predicting Prostate Cancer's Return
The current most widely used test for detecting and monitoring prostate cancer, known as prostate specific antigen (PSA), has a lot of room for improvement for detecting new cancers.