Health News

The Busy Bees Fighting Cancer
There may be a some truth to the old naturalist belief that the answer to all of humanity's problems is out there somewhere, if we just knew where to look.
Using Light to Diagnose Cancer
Since the release of the new guidelines against using prostate specific antigen as a tool to screen for prostate cancer, the search for a more reliable way to identify patients at risk for prostate cancer has intensified.
E-vading Cancer
The anti-cancer benefits of vitamin E have been all over the map. Some studies say it increases a person's cancer risk; others suggest just the opposite. Scientists have hit a slick spot in this discussion.
Radiating Prostate Cancer
Between proton therapy, intensity-modulated radiation therapy ( IMRT ) and the older conformal radiation therapy, the three types of external radiation therapies used to treat prostate cancer differ slightly.
Predicting Prostate Cancer Relapse
More and more studies are showing that the best treatment for a given type of cancer may not be the same for everybody. A new study looking at prostate cancer adds to the growing amount of evidence supporting individualized treatment.
Prostate Cancer One-Ups Warren Buffett
One of the world's best business men and investors, Warren Buffet, has announced that he has early prostate cancer.
Metastasis Free Prostate Cancer Drug
One of the largest risks of cancer development is metastasis. A new prostate cancer drug in early stages of development has shown the ability to shut down metastasis entirely.
Predicting Prostate Cancer Aggressiveness
Genetic defects - mutations, rearrangements, too many copies, etc. - play a role in the development of cancer. Finding these faulty genes can predict risk. Recent research takes risk prediction a step further.
Weighing Heavy on Prostate Cancer Return
Having excess pounds compromises the health and well-being of men, women and children. This fact has been proven time and again. Being overweight or obese not only increases one's risk of most chronic diseases, it also complicates recovery.
Tracing Prostate Cancer Spread
Tracking the progress of cancer is tricky business. A new imaging technology may change that for men with prostate cancer in a novel and noninvasive way.