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Who's not Over-Diagnosing Prostate Cancer?
In the prostate cancer world these days, you hear the terms over-diagnosis and over-treatment  being thrown around a great deal. So just how aggressive are physicians in diagnosing the disease? Apparently, not very - at least in one area of the country.
Surveillance, Not Action, for Prostate Cancer?
Prostate cancer is the second most common cancer in men next to skin cancer. Interestingly, though, not all men are treated for this disease immediately after diagnosis. And a panel advises this is as it should be.
Prostate Cancer Hormone Therapy Safe
Prostate cancer treatment often involves hormone-blocking therapy. Some studies have suggested this treatment has dangerous side effects. New research, though, says men need not worry.
Red Meats Linked to Aggressive Prostate Cancer
Regularly eating hot dogs and hamburgers is not considered a wise practice for a number of health reasons. For men, there's one more reason to avoid eating meat.
New Cancer Safari
The Gleason Grading system is used to predict the course of prostate cancer. The higher the score, the poorer the prognosis. A newly devised system may be a better crystal ball than this system.
Keeping Prostate Cancer Asleep
The secret to long-term survival is avoiding a cancer recurrence. Researchers have uncovered a protein that's key to preventing prostate cancer from reappearing.
Xgeva Delays Spread of Prostate Cancer
Once cancer starts moving, the outlook for patients dims. New research has found an existing drug can delay the spread of prostate cancer within your bones.
Oral Contraceptives Linked to Prostate Cancer
The female hormone estrogen plays a role in a number of cancers, most notably breast cancer. A new study suggests that estrogen getting into public water supplies may be increasing the risk of a common male cancer.
Teaching Hospitals Get an 'A' for Prostate Cancer Surgery
While going to a student hairdresser may not be the best idea, the same cannot be said about teaching hospitals. A new study finds teaching hospitals are the place to go for prostate cancer surgery.
Cancer Therapies Battle Prostate Cancer
Prostate cancer that is confined to just the prostate is easier to treat than if it spreads to other parts of the body. New research shows combining two therapies can improve survival for advanced cancer that hasn't moved beyond the prostate.