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I Can't Remember How I Slept…
If you snore loudly, there is a possibility you have obstructive sleep apnea. The condition can affect much more than just the quality of your sleep though. It could affect your memory.
How Are Our Soldiers Sleeping?
Military service can be brutal on a person's body. But it may be even more brutal on a person's sleep. Insomnia, sleep apnea and too little sleep appear common among military personnel.
Treat Sleep Apnea For Better Sex
Treating sleep apnea can make for a better night's sleep. The same apnea treatment can make for better sex too. 
Counting Sheep for Kids with ADHD
One of the challenges of parenting can involve helping children maintain healthy sleep habits. Children with conditions like ADHD may need even more help with sleep.
Nightcap May Not Help All Night Long
There is no doubt that drinking a lot of alcohol can make a person sleepy or pass out. But alcohol can affect how a person sleeps in more complex ways as well.
Less TV, More Sleep for Kids
Insufficient sleep can lead to all sorts of health issues, especially for children. Yet research shows children get less sleep now than they did 100 years ago. TV may be one reason.
Sleep, Baby, Sleep… And Stay Asleep
Some debates never seem to have hope for resolution. One of those may be the discussion of whether parents should let babies cry themselves to sleep or not.
Start Breathing Easier, Mom-to-Be
It's no secret that pregnancy can affect women's sleep. But some kinds of sleep disturbances can be dangerous to her unborn baby. Seeking treatment may help. A recent study looked at the effect of treating abnormal breathing during sleep in women with pre-eclampsia .
Sleep Medication Dosages Reduced
Taking sleeping medication may help you get to sleep in the evening. But it may also make you a less alert and possibly more dangerous driver the next morning, according to the FDA.
Earth to Mars: Are You Awake Out There?
A trip to Mars involves all kinds of challenges for the human body. It would take over a year just to get there and back. How will astronauts' bodies cope in terms of sleep cycles?