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Adults Need Bedtimes Too
If you thought regular bedtimes were only for children, think again. Even adults can benefit from a regular bedtime – especially adults who have sleep apnea and require CPAP treatment.
Young and Tired Behind the Wheel
The message not to drink and drive has been effectively promoted for years. The message not to drive after too little sleep has been slower to get out – but it's just as important.
Predicting Death from Sleep Apnea?
Patients with sleep apnea stop breathing, off and on, throughout their sleep cycle, which isn't the best way of getting a good night's rest.
Asthma Bad For a Good Night's Sleep
Breathing easier is important to making it through the day and to a good night’s rest. Periodically and involuntarily not breathing during sleep is unfortunately common among people with asthma.
Sleeping Beauty to Protect the Heart
While some women past menopause have to deal with hot flashes and night sweats, others have to watch their sleeping patterns. How they sleep can affect their heart health.
Extra Focus Needed with Insomnia Rx
A common insomnia medication can be dangerous unless taken with care. Bad reactions between medications or not following instructions and warning labels can send users to the emergency room.
Prostates Seem to Need 'Sound-Sleep'
If you have trouble going to sleep or staying asleep, you're not alone. Many people know how frustrating these problems can be. But sleep problems aren’t just annoying; they could be unhealthy.
Dreaming of Colorectal Cancer
Poor sleep disturbs the body in all sorts of ways. Snoring affects our breathing, how much oxygen the body gets and how much sleep we need. And all of this may play a role in cancer risks.
Long-Term Lift for Sleep Apnea Sufferers
Obesity can worsen obstructive sleep apnea. But if someone with this disorder learns how to eat right, exercise and lose weight, will it actually make a difference in the long run?
Sleeping with a Baby on the Way
Difficulty sleeping is a common problem during pregnancy. Women often report being unable to sleep comfortably. However, how pregnant women sleep might affect their babies.