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Can Your Child Breathe While Asleep?
Snoring in small children can mean more than a noisy bedroom. It also might mean a child has obstructive sleep apnea — a big problem for little kids.
Cramming For Tests Can Backfire
The big test is tomorrow. Time for an all-nighter of cramming so you can be sure to ace it right? Wrong.
Sleepyheads with Asthma?
Having a chronic illness like asthma can often affect many different parts of your health. One concern with asthma is that it can hurt children's sleep quality.
Treat Kids’ Sleep Apnea Without Surgery
Sleep apnea in children can lead to serious health problems. Many children don't like to wear masks for treatment, and parents may not want them to have surgery.
If Mama is Snoring...
Just as snoring is associated more often with men than women, so is sleep apnea. Since snoring and sleep apnea are related, does that mean women don't get sleep apnea as frequently?
Burning the Midnight Oil Creates Burn-Out
So you figure you got 8 to 9 hours of sleep, so you're good - even if it's spread out a bit with a nap, right? Wrong. Because of your circadian rhythms, all sleep may not be equal.
How Sleep Changes in Mid-Life
Sleep quality affects every aspect of your life and your sleep patterns change throughout your life. Much is understood about sleep in young adults and the elderly, but not much is known about sleep patterns during the all important middle years, when people are typically focused on building their careers.
Boost Your Memory While You Sleep
Trying to master “Call Me Maybe” on piano? You might want to try playing the song on your stereo while you’re asleep.
A Boxing Match in the Sack?
A little unconscious kick or punch from a partner during sleep isn't too bad, but if nighttime feels like a boxing match, a rare and serious sleep disorder may be to blame.
When a Child's Boogeyman is Real
It's no surprise that witnessing or experiencing severe violence affects a child's mental health. But the effects on their sleep can be profound as well.