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Autism and Self-Injury
Kids with autism may feel frustrated in social situations. That frustration can lead to self-injury, like head banging.  Researchers want to know who is at risk for self-injury.
Do Meds Work for Teens With Autism?
Autism can be treated with medications to help with some symptoms. Lots of studies have been done for children, but not much is known about how medications will help teens with autism.
Mindfulness and Autism
Autism is a lifelong developmental disorder that can affect a person in many areas, including his or her mental health.
Which Kids Should Take Antipsychotics?
Some medications can be used to treat multiple conditions, especially in mental health. But drugs are also sometimes prescribed for conditions they aren't approved to treat.
Classroom Yoga Helps Kids with Autism
Kids with autism can have symptoms, like being irritable, that interfere with their school day. In one study, a morning yoga session in class helped with some behaviors.
Don’t Pick on Autism
Bullying can take many forms and can make school hard for kids. Teens with autism may be at greater risk of being bullied than other children.
Aging Fathers and Risk of Autism
Researchers are learning more about the genes that influence autism. A new study suggests that fathers may be passing along gene changes that increase risk of autism.
$100 Million for Autism Research
As many as one in every 88 children has an autism spectrum disorder ( ASD ). Research to understand ASD and find new treatments is costly. Nine research groups now have funding.
Autism in the Workplace
Young adults with autism spectrum disorders ( ASD ) may struggle with finding and keeping a job. Programs are not widely available to help adults with autism succeed at the work. 
Autism – Learning Emotion with Video?
Kids with autism often have trouble seeing emotions. They may have trouble knowing that a facial expression means a person is angry or happy.