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Transition to Work With Autism
Recent reports show that teens with autism are more likely to have trouble transitioning out of high school and into work. New research shows that a transition program may help.
Group Training for Autism Treatments
Pivotal Response Therapy ( PRT ) is a treatment that is given by parents and schools for children with autism. The parents must learn how to use the therapy, and learning it could be costly.
Hormone Linked to Social Skills in Autism
Oxytocin is a hormone that is known to be involved in the feelings of connectedness with others. New research links levels of oxytocin with social functioning in autism.
New Detection Tool for Autism
Early detection of autism is important because intervening early can increase the odds that children will succeed. New research shows that some warning signs at 6 months of age may help in early detection of autism.
Epilepsy Ups the Odds of Mental Health Problems
An estimated 50 million people worldwide have epilepsy. New research shows that people with epilepsy may be at greater risk of having anxiety, depression, and autism. 
Questioning Treatment of Repetition in Autism
Repetitive behaviors, like counting or hand motions, can be troublesome for children with autism. Antidepressants have been reported to help with this symptom, but new research questions the effectiveness.
How Good are Early Detection Methods for Autism
Early diagnosis can give parents access to interventions and treatments to improve outcomes for children with autism. How young an age can doctors be sure of a diagnosis, and are incorrect diagnoses harmful?
After High School, Teens with Autism Struggle
Schools offer many programs to help children with autism succeed.  After high school, teens with autism may struggle to move on to other activities, like college or work.
Virtual Reality Program for Autism
Reading body language and facial expressions of others helps us relate to one another, and it is how we learn to understand how other people are feeling. Autism often creates difficulty with these types of social skills.
Autism and Schizophrenia Genes linked
Scientists have discovered an unexpected overlap between genes implicated in autism and other neurodevelopmental disorders with mental illnesses such as schizophrenia. Writing in the April 27 issue of the journal Cell, the team’s findings support the idea of “a neurodevelopmental component to adult-onset neuropsychiatric disorders such as schizophrenia”. Neurodevelopmental disorders typically appear in childhood, while schizophrenia tends to afflict older adolescents and young adults. Since these diseases are not classified together, the study’s finding that neurodevelopmental ...