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Are Families With Autism Paying a Price?
Overall healthcare costs for children with autism may be higher than for children with other health conditions, like diabetes or asthma.
Which Autistic Children Will Improve?
Children with autism may develop their social and language skills at very different rates. Most important for parents is identifying children who are developing slowly, so they can receive extra attention.
Parents Can Download Autism Tool Kits
Autism Speaks continues to help parents by offering three new tools on their website for free.
Does Folic Acid Lower the Risk of Autism?
Researchers report a link between autism and folic acid intake during pregnancy, but the link may be weak.
Antioxidant Shows Promise as Treatment Autism
A small trial using an antioxidant treatment improved irritability symptoms for some children with autism. 
Most Children Diagnosed With Autism by Age 5
Early diagnosis of autism is important to ensure that children have access to the right services and interventions. New research summarizes the age most children are diagnosed and type of services used.
Tracking Autism From Child to Teenager
People are diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders ( ASD ) during childhood.  New research looked at how symptoms may change as children age.
Early Brain Differences Linked to Autism Risk
Early detection of autism spectrum disorders ( ASD ) is important. New research suggests that early brain differences may exist for children at high risk for ASD .
Mom’s Fevers Linked to Child’s Autism
Risk of autism may be increased by untreated fevers during pregnancy.  A recent study found that mothers who had a fever during pregnancy had increased risk of having a child with an autism spectrum disorder ( ASD ).
Calming Autism: A Team Effort
Some of the hardest parts of coping with autism can be managing the destructive behaviors that children with an autism spectrum disorder ( ASD ) often display and the strain these outbursts can put on family relationships.