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Autism Revelations From the Skin
A famous saying indicates the eyes to be the portals of the soul, while a recent study shows the skin to be a useful portal to understanding the brain. 
‘Visual Supports’ Communication Kit
In playing popular games such as Charades or Taboo, individuals often find themselves wishing for a pen and paper upon struggling to find the words to express themselves. Autistic children often feel the same way in regular life.
Mainstreaming Autistic Success
Think about your last misunderstanding and the "a-ha" moment felt when enlightenment occured .  Could this type of realization regarding mental health disorders change children's perspectives? 
Autistic Odds Increase Over Time
Many past studies have asserted a suspicion that with advancing age come health risks in offspring. A recent study confirms older gentlemen have a higher risk of reproducing autistic children than their more youthful peers. 
Unmute A Child
So many parents anxiously await the day of their child's first words, and now, previously hopeless parents can start getting excited.
Changes in the Autistic Brain
Children with autism generally have head and brain overgrowth that is larger than the development of children without autism. Several brain regions involved in cognition, communication and social skills show dysfunction early in life for autistics.
Autism's DNA Identified
Brain overgrowth and an abnormal, excess number of neurons could be associated with the development of autism. Boys with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) have a 67 percent excess of cortical cells, which are developed in the womb before birth.
Changing Perceptions: The Power of Autism
People with autism are known to have many developmental and cognitive delays, and often have trouble with speech and social interactions with others.
Slower Brain Growth in Autistic Children
Despite the fact that autism affects one in 110 American children, little is known about the disorder and why it causes developmental delays from moderate to very severe.
Autism Strikes Across Income Levels
Autism is one of the more mysterious intellectual disabilities, and for years scientists have been trying to better understand its causes and functions.