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Smoking While Pregnant & Autism Not Linked
As the search continues for environmental factors that may contribute to the increasing autism cases, researchers are looking in every nook and cranny for possible associations.
Why Pick On Children With Autism?
Because of problems with social interaction shared by most children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorders ( ASD ), they tend to lead more solitary lives and report higher instances of being the targets of bullies.
Horseback Riding as a Treatment for Autism
Therapeutic horseback riding teaches riding skills to people with disabilities with the goal of improving mental and physical health. Children with autism spectrum disorders may benefit from this type of experience.
Arriving on Time Best for the Mind
Being born early or late already carries some health risks for both mothers and their newborns. Now there's evidence an early or late birth can worsen symptoms of children with autism.
Mama's Diabetes May Hurt Baby's Brain
Just as a healthy mother is more likely to give birth to a healthy baby, an unhealthy mother has a higher chance of having an unhealthy baby. A mother with diabetes, for example, may put her child's brain at risk.
Gene Mutations may be a Risk Factor for Autism
New research shows that single letter mutations, known as point mutations, in many different genes are linked with a risk of autism. These genes are not found in the parents DNA, but appear in the DNA of children with autism.
SERTified: Serotonin’s Link With Autism
Serotonin is a chemical in the brain that carries signals between nerve cells. There are increased serotonin levels in the bloodstream of those with autism - but, until recently, nobody knew why.
The Mirror in Your Brain
The mirror neuron system in your brain influences your emotions when you watch another human being. Those with Autism Spectrum Disorder ( ASD ) might not have this system working properly.
Gluten-Free Diet Might Help Those With Autism
There are connections between the brain and the immune system that may be used to help those with Autism Spectrum Disorders ( ASD ). A change in diet, it seems, could make other treatments more effective.
Autistic Children Watch Inanimate Objects
Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder ( ASD ) are known to have difficulty communicating, especially in social situations. Soon researchers may learn how to communicate with them better through eye-tracking technology.