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Autism Symptoms Aren't Color-blind
Various medical diseases sometimes differ in the way their symptoms and levels of severity show up in different ethnicities. It appears that autism may be such a condition.
Brains with Autism Show Changes Early
Most children aren't diagnosed with autism until they are 1 or 2 years old, but new research reveals brain differences in babies as young as 6 months old who later developed autism.
Can Too Much TV be Good?
New research shows that children with autism spectrum disorders ( ASD ) spend most of their free time watching TV and playing video games. Can psychologists take advantage of this interest to help those with ASD ?
Autism Often Comes with Other Conditions
For children with autism, the disorder often isn't the only thing they struggle with. Autism frequently goes hand in hand with other developmental or psychiatric conditions such as attention disorder, anxiety, speech delays or learning disabilities.
Autistic Alterations
Some of those currently considered to be suffering from varying autism spectrum disorders ( ASD ) may be classified with new criteria in the next few months, according to new reports.
The Autistic Gut
Parents of autistic children frequently hear about the torment of gastrointestinal problems within their children, and new research sheds insight into what’s really going on.
Schools For Autism Deliver Benefits
When parents of autistic children begin conversations about schooling, studies suggest tailoring learning processes to the disease yield more beneficial results for patients with autism spectrum disorders ( ASD ).
Bigger Not Always Better
While all there are many unknown contributing factors that go into the development of autism spectrum disorders, research is starting to show that there are concrete differences in brain structure between autistic children and their unaffected peers.
Prozac for Autistic Relief
Although the drug Prozac is well established as an effective therapy for depression, researchers may have found another use.
Epilepsy Drug Linked to Autism
The exact causes of autism are still not known, and much of how the disorder develops remain a mystery. Many studies point to prenatal development links.