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Over-the-Counter Pain Medicines Interfere with Antidepressants
Millions of people rely on antidepressants to keep the blues away. A new study has found that popular over-the-counter pain relievers can reduce the effectiveness of specific antidepressants.
Run Away Blues
Do you see those depression commercials on TV and think ' that's me but those medications don't work?' Well, you may be in luck because some people are taking a new medication - exercise.
Poor Children Ditching Depression Drugs
Depression affects about one out of five children, and when it goes untreated there can be tragic consequences. Deepening and recurring depression, substance abuse, and even suicidal behavior can increase.
Having More Doesn't Mean Greater Happiness
"Money doesn't buy happiness" is a common adage, and it may be more true than you think. People who live in wealthier countries seem to be more depression-prone than those in poorer countries.
Morning Sickness Linked to Behavioral Issues
Old wives tales abound concerning pregnancy. One popular one is "if the future mother is really sick, it's a girl." According to recent research, it may cause something else. For Kid's Personality
It's no secret that children all have very different personalities, even siblings raised in the same household. Most parents have experienced that what works with one kid, doesn't work with another.
Sleepless Cancer Patients
Treatment for all kinds of cancers can have many side effects, including nausea, anxiety, liver problems and lung disease. Now it is also reported that more than half of cancer patients suffer insomnia.
Many College Students Consider Suicide
Going off to college is a major milestone in life, and an exciting time for many young adults. But it can also be a time of difficult adjustment and even despair, that can lead to suicidal thoughts.
Avoid a Stroke - See a Therapist
New findings may be enough to coax depressed individuals to seek treatment. Women who are depressed may be at an increased risk of having a stroke.
New Antidepressants Risky for Elderly
Depression is common among the elderly with many electing to take antidepressants. The new generation of antidepressants may be overly risky for older patients.