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Pesticides Increase Risk for Parkinson's Disease
Farmers have been using pesticides to prevent pests from attacking crops for years. And while these efforts increase the amount of food we have, is the practice actually healthy?
Stretch Away Rheumatoid Arthritis and Fibromyalgia
You probably think exercising is expending energy. After all that's what running and aerobics require. But yoga, which involves the opposite, has been shown to be healthy for people. Breathing, meditating, and stretching don't seem like hard work, much less exercise.
Yet Another Reason to Lose Weight
Being overweight or obese carries a number of health risks. Now there's one more health benefit for losing weight.
Iron and Copper Bad for the Brain?
Iron and copper are common metals used to make cars, pots, and other inanimate objects, but they are also very important in the body. Too much iron and copper can be bad for the brain.
Dem Bones Gonna Rise Again
It is always nice to report when a drug benefiting one health issue accidentally benefits another! Fosamax, Boniva and Actonel (bisphosphonates), prescribed to increase bone density in osteoporosis patients, appears to extend the lives of patients as well.
No More Memory Like an Elephant
Where are my keys? Which row is my car on at the grocery store? Did I pay that bill? These are just  a few of the forgetful journeys one makes daily as age descends upon us.
No Clue it's Alzheimer's
Many people in their middle years worry that their forgetfulness may mean they're developing Alzheimer's disease. Just the opposite could be true. Not having memory lapses, doesn't mean you don't have Alzheimer's disease (AD).
Mary Tyler Moore "Recovering Nicely"
Beloved television actress Mary Tyler Moore, is "recovering nicely" following surgery to remove a benign (non cancerous) brain tumor, according to spokeswoman, Erica Tarin.
Finally, a Definitive Test for Alzheimer's
There is still no definitive way to diagnose Alzheimer's disease in a living person, but that may be about to change.
Saving Old Muscle
As people get older, their muscles shrink and can easily get hurt. For these people, exercise might not be enough to keep their muscles healthy. So, it is welcome news that there may be a drug that protects muscle health.