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Mary Tyler Moore to have Brain Surgery
Beloved television actress Mary Tyler Moore, is undergoing surgery to remove a tumor that is usually benign (not cancerous).
Weak Heart and Broken Bones
As people grow older, they have a higher risk of heart problems and broken bones. In fact, there may be a relationship between heart failure and bone loss.
Try Calcium and Vitamin D Supplements First
Have you or a loved one been diagnosed with osteoporosis? Try a different approach before accepting medication as your only choice.
Why Some People Suffer Earlier Memory Loss
Genetics play a part as does the condition of your heart. If you carry a certain gene and have risks for heart disease, you may experience memory loss at an earlier age.
A Heavy Toll on Arthritis
Having arthritis is painful, but being obese can make it worse. Obesity puts arthritis patients at a higher risk for many health complications. Now, experts are worried that obesity could make arthritis an even larger public health problem.
Life is Rough with Arthritis
Living everyday with arthritis pain can take its toll on the body and mind. As if having the disease wasn't bad enough, people with arthritis may be less healthy than their friends and family, but need to excercise more often.
Game-changing Advance in Stem Cell Science
Stem cell research holds the promise of changing the entire field of medicine. But research has been hampered because scientists haven't found a way to produce enough cells that can be studied safely.
What Causes the Causes of MS
Researchers have had lots of challenges trying to understand what causes multiple sclerosis (MS). New research shows what may be the key driving force behind MS and similar diseases.
Hearing Loss Can Lead to Dementia
Scientists have discussed various ideas concerning possible risk factors for developing Alzheimer's including low involvement in leisure activities and social interactions, sedentary lifestyle, diabetes mellitus and hypertension.
Aspirin Makes Common Antidepressants Less Effective
You regularly take aspirin or ibuprofen for everyday aches and pains, along with your anti-depressants. You also notice that you're still having symptoms of depression. It turns out the aspirin is interfering with your anti-depressants.