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Early Alzheimer's Test Under Development
One of the heart breaking realities of Alzheimer's Disease is that it's often not diagnosed until memory loss is already apparent. A new test is in the process of being developed that could bring new hope and earlier treatment to sufferers.
MS May Be Tied to Sunlight
Experts are not sure what causes multiple sclerosis (MS). It could be caused by a virus, genetics, or the environment around patients. Now researchers are pointing out two new things that may increase a person's risk of MS.
Getting Closer to Better MS Drugs
People who are taking drugs for multiple sclerosis (MS) can be faced with many serious side effects. Scientists have produced a new MS drug that may have fewer side effects while also helping patients deal with their disease.
New Alzheimer's Disease Criteria
For the first time in almost 30 years, the diagnostic criteria for Alzheimer's disease has changed. The original criteria for Alzheimer's disease only included the later stage of the disease, dementia, when symptoms are already present.
Boning Up for Menopause Helps Colons
Women trying to treat their menopause symptoms with hormone replacement therapy drugs have heard for years of the potentially terrible side effects they can cause. However, some medications not only treat one ailment, but might even prevent another.
Not All MS Is the Same
Multiple sclerosis (MS) takes its toll on patients in different ways. Some MS patients become disabled more severely and quicker than others. For this reason, doctors should think about the different kinds of MS when treating patients, according to new research.
Tricky Transplants for MS Patients
We do not have a cure for multiple sclerosis (MS) today. As such, researchers are always trying to find new ways to treat the disease. According to a new study, stem cell transplants may hold the key to treating the most severe cases of MS.
Is Gender Factor in Epilepsy and Psychiatric Symptoms?
A new study shows that kids with epilepsy often have psychiatric symptoms and these symptoms vary depending on gender.
Deep Brain Stimulation Surgery
Essential tremor is a hereditary neurological disease that causes hand, head and mouth tremors.  This condition is significantly more prevalent than Parkinson's Disease.
Have MS? Have a Baby
In the past, women with multiple sclerosis (MS) were told not to get pregnant because of fears that their disease would get worse. However, a new study shows that women with MS do not have to worry about getting pregnant.