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When Epilepsy Occurs In Childhood
Memory is often an area of concern for people with epilepsy. For children who are just learning about the world around them, memory can be of particular importance to their physical, mental, emotional and social development.
Are Genetics Responsible For Your Migraines?
Research has shown that epileptics may be twice as likely to have migraine headaches as those who do not have the seizure disorder. What is it that connects these two conditions?
No Link Between Flu Vaccine and Epilepsy
Epileptics are often encouraged to receive flu vaccines because the risk of seizure increases when a patient has the flu. With more focus recently on vaccine safety and side effects, many are wondering if this preventative measure could actually make conditions worse.
Brain Surgery For Seizures Ten Years On
For the 30 percent of epilepsy patients that have difficulty controlling their condition with prescription drugs, surgery is often the recommended option. Studies have shown good results two to five years after the surgery, but what can be expected even further down the line?
Fevers and Seizures in Children
Moms and dads know that an occasional childhood fever is normal. But a fever that is accompanied by a seizure isn't normal - it's a serious problem which can have long term consequences.
Diagnosing Non-Epileptic Seizures
An epileptic seizure and non-epileptic seizure can be difficult to tell apart, even to trained doctors. Incorrect diagnosing can cause a patient to receive wrong and potentially harmful treatment.
Kids These Days… and Their Rx
It's important to treat mental illness. But some people have concerns that children are over-treated with medications. Research evidence does show an increase in some psychiatric meds for kids.
FDA Approves New Seizure Drug
The US Food and Drug Administration approved Fycompa (perampanel) tablets to treat partial onset seizures in patients with epilepsy who are ages 12 years and older.
Could a Mom's Infection Lead to Epilepsy?
Could something as simple as a bladder infection put a child at risk for epilepsy? Past research has suggested a possible connection between a pregnant mother’s infection and her child’s risk of epilepsy and researchers are taking another look.
Some Kids Can Die from Flu
The best thing a person can do to prevent the flu is to get a flu shot. Just that simple. And yes, getting the vaccine is especially important for children at higher risk of dying from the flu.