Health News

Epilepsy Drug Trial May Have Been Sales Tactic
Yale School of Medicine researchers have discovered that a clinical trial of epilepsy drug gabapentin (trade name Neurontin) may have actually been a promotional and sales move to increase prescriptions of the medicine.
Electrical Brain-storming
In an interesting twist, researchers discovered about a decade ago that many of the brain patterns seen in epilepsy are also seen in children with autism.
FDA Approves New Epilepsy Drug
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has given the green light to a new Epilepsy drug that will aid with seizure control in adults.
Drug Resistent Epilepsy Responds to Stimulation
Pharmaceutical treatment of epilepsy is the predominant therapy for most patients. For an estimated one million patients with epilepsy, these drugs simply don't work.
Is Gender Factor in Epilepsy and Psychiatric Symptoms?
A new study shows that kids with epilepsy often have psychiatric symptoms and these symptoms vary depending on gender.
Ceasing Seizures Causes Cleft
The FDA is warning mother's about a drug that may cause a deformity in infants born to mothers who use it to treat their epilepsy.
Sick and Abused
According to a study by Swedish researchers, children who are chronically ill are much more likely than healthy children to be victims of physical abuse.
Spotty Research
Researchers have identified the potential benefits of a new computer application designed to automatically detect subtle brain lesions in patients with epilepsy via MRI scans.
More Benefits to Breastfeeding
Breastfeeding may reduce the risk of seizures in babies for about a after they are born. What's more, the risk of having a seizure is reduced the longer a baby is breastfed.
The (Neuro)-Logical Next Step
A study from Loyola University suggests that neurological disorders like epilepsy and dementia are on the rise, but new therapies could soon be formed with the help of diagnostic tests and stem cell research.