Health News

Antifungal Rx May Increase Skin Cancer
Side effects involving skin damage have been reported in patients taking voriconazole for fungal infections. Some patients using voriconazole long-term have developed skin cancer.
Antibiotic Use in Infancy Could Increase Risk of Asthma
The number of people with asthma has significantly increased over the last three decades. Different medical exposures during infancy may have something to do with the rising number.
Shining a Light on UV-A1 Skin Damage
Doctors have been warning us about the risks of sun exposure for years, and a new study shines a light on just how quickly you can get burned.
Anti-TNFs Not to Blame for Skin Infections in RA
Anti-TNF medications used to control arthritis symptoms have been linked to increased risks for skin infections. However, a recent study has shown that this may not necessarily be true.
Five Recommendations About Skin Tests and Treatments
For people with skin, hair or nail concerns, how do you know when your treatment is the right thing for you?
Getting a Handle on Hand Eczema in Young Adults
Issues with the skin, especially skin on the hands, can interfere with many different aspects of life. To better predict the presence of a certain skin condition on the hands — eczema — the authors of a new study followed young adults for eight years.
Shedding Light on Psoriasis
How much harm could a little dry, itchy skin do? This is the attitude with which many people think about psoriasis, not realizing that the skin condition can have far more wide-reaching consequences.
Psoriasis Tied to Kidney Problems
The skin condition psoriasis has been linked to other chronic conditions, such as diabetes and heart disease. Now, psoriasis could be tied to major damage to the kidneys.
Treating Scars With Fat
Most people have a few scars, but for people with severe scarring, the damaged tissue can cause insecurity about one's appearance and even limited movement.
Waiting for Warts to Wane?
Many people simply wait to see if their warts will go away naturally. Others turn to medical treatments for their warts, but these treatments often fail. For this reason, researchers recently studied the progression of warts that underwent different treatment options.