Health News

Treating Scars With Fat
Most people have a few scars, but for people with severe scarring, the damaged tissue can cause insecurity about one's appearance and even limited movement.
Waiting for Warts to Wane?
Many people simply wait to see if their warts will go away naturally. Others turn to medical treatments for their warts, but these treatments often fail. For this reason, researchers recently studied the progression of warts that underwent different treatment options.
Topical Cream and Healthy Babies
No one wants to deal with itchy, dry, inflamed skin — especially not with a baby on the way. Worrying about the side effects of topical creams on pregnancy only makes the situation worse. But results from a new study may soothe that worry.
Unequal Treatment for Psoriasis?
The type of medical care patients get depends on several factors. Some patients with psoriasis, or the arthritis that can accompany psoriasis, don't believe they get enough quality care.
A Fiery New Way to Sunburn
You use sunscreen spray to protect your skin from burning under the sun's harmful rays. But you probably don't worry much about your skin actually bursting into flame — at least not until now.
Food Allergy from the Outside In
Kids with eczema often itch. Eczema has also been linked to food allergies for some time. New research adds some insight into how this connection happens.
Psoriasis Tied to a Small Risk of Cancer
Red, inflamed skin is one of the symptoms of psoriasis. Beyond the symptoms of this skin condition, people with psoriasis might also be at risk for other major problems, including cancer.
For Kids, Eczema is More Than an Itch
Itchy skin is just one of the things eczema patients have to deal with. When kids have eczema, they could have more health conditions beyond the skin.
Anti-Balding Rx Doesn’t Mix With Alcohol
A male pattern baldness medication has been known to come with a few side effects. No longer wanting to drink, or being able to enjoy a drink, may be added to the list.
Sunscreen Buffers Skin Aging
Sunscreen helps prevent sunburns, but it may also help protect skin from sun-related aging. Regular use of sunscreen is recommended by skin doctors.