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One Medicine For Another to Beat Dry Skin
Some treatments for psoriasis can affect the whole body beyond the red, dry and irritated skin. These systemic treatments might cause some concern, but patients have other options and may not have to use them.
Don’t Scratch that Itch, Starve it
Psoriasis is a disease of the skin. But for patients with psoriasis, the condition is much more than that. The unsightly patches can be embarrassing and affect day-to-day life.
Mommy's Mouth: Super Pacifier Cleaner
You're out with your baby and the pacifier falls on the ground. You pop it in your mouth to "clean" it and give it back to your baby. Can that simple act affect your baby's future allergies?
Four Kinds of Red in the Face
Redness in the face is found in all cases of rosacea. But different types of rosacea come with different markings.
An Oil That Doesn't Work on Skin
Evening primrose oil has been used to treat a number of ailments in and on the body. But when it comes to treating eczema, the oil might not do much good.
Not Going by the Acne Label
Zits and pimples can make even the most confident of individuals conscious about their looks. Despite this, teens and young adults with acne might not take medicines for the condition as instructed.
Pattern to the Zit Madness
Zits, pimples and blackheads seem to appear randomly at the wrong place and at the wrong time for teens. But there may be a pattern to where the acne pops up.
Warts Love Family and Friends
Most of the public health prevention information related to skin warts relates to public places, like swimming pools. But are these really where warts are most commonly passed on?
Getting Rid of Rosacea
Skin conditions can have a big impact on how people view themselves and how they interact with the world. Treating these conditions effectively can be very important to a person's overall well-being.
Red Alert: Rosacea’s Social Minefield
For 16 million Americans, rosacea brings a redness to the face that can cause self-consciousness. Rosacea Awareness Month this April highlights the social pitfalls of rosacea and treatments for the condition.