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Overused Prostate Cancer Treatment Appeared Ineffective
Prostate cancer is a sensitive subject for men. Some of the common treatment options come with very personal potential side effects like loss of sexual desire or impotence.
Earlier Chemo Increased Prostate Cancer Survival
Successful cancer treatment isn't always just about which medications are used, but also when those medications are given. New research has challenged a decades-old routine for treating prostate cancer.
Circumcision Might Protect Against Prostate Cancer
While the only definite established risk factors for prostate cancer are African ancestry, advancing age, and a family history of the disease, not being circumcised may also pose a threat.
Hormone Therapy Can Wait When Prostate Cancer Returns
Monitoring return of prostate cancer using a blood test raises the question of what should be done when the blood test shows the cancer might be returning.
Prostate Cancer Therapy Not Best Choice For All Men
When diagnosed with cancer, treatment may not always be the best option. Some older men with prostate cancer and several other health issues may opt not to treat their cancer.
Testosterone Levels Tied to Prostate Cancer Progression
In some prostate cancer patients, the disease is closely watched, rather than actively treated. A new study suggested that testosterone levels seen during this monitoring may hint at cancer progress. 
Low Vitamin D Linked to Aggressive Prostate Cancer
The health effects of vitamin D has been a popular topic of research in recent years. Now, a new study suggests that low vitamin D levels may be a warning sign for one form of cancer.
Inflammation Connected to Prostate Cancer
Inflamed tissue seems to play a crucial role in prostate cancer. The presence of inflamed tissue may suggest cancer, even when screening blood tests are not elevated and causing concern.
Cialis Falls Short in Preventing ED after Radiotherapy
Prostate cancer treatment is a common cause of erectile dysfunction (ED). A new study set out to see if tadalafil (Cialis, Adcirca) could prevent this post-treatment ED.
Discussing the Decision to Screen for Prostate Cancer
One test for prostate cancer — called PSA screening — has been controversial since it was first introduced. While the debate on prostate cancer screening continues, a recent review offers some insight on making the decision to get screened.