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The Weight of Weight on Prostate Cancer Survival
How much we weigh in relation to our height matters. In other words, body mass index (BMI) matters. If we’re carrying around too much fat, our chances of all sorts of diseases are — well — fattened. Our weight at the time we’re diagnosed with a disease may matter as well.
Doctors Referring Prostate Cancer Screening in Older Men
Prostate cancer screening using the prostate-specific antigen (PSA) blood test is generally not recommended for men over the age of 75. But this recommendation doesn’t seem to be taking hold in practice. Men in their seventh and eighth decades are still having PSA tests.
Less is More with This Cancer Therapy
When cancer spreads to the bones, pain is inevitable. Radiation is used to offer pain relief, but there seems to be some conflict about how much and how often radiation is needed to achieve relief. A recently released study shows less may be more.
Men Can Have Hot Flashes Too
Menopausal women aren’t the only ones packing the heat. Prostate cancer survivors know what a hot flash is – the sudden flare of heat that turns the whole body hot and clammy. Women have a couple of effective treatments for the dreaded heat waves. Do they work for men?
Rx Prolongs Life...Without Pain
When cancer advances, the pain can be intense. A recently approved medicine may offer relief from both disease progression and pain.
Shorter, Better Prostate Cancer Treatment
Testosterone is the powerful male hormone that gives a man his manly characteristics. Testosterone also feeds prostate cancer. So blocking or suppressing the activity of this hormone is usually part of prostate cancer treatment.
Prostate Cancer Isn't a Coffee Drinker
Coffee is among the most popular drinks on the planet. Besides the pep that the caffeine provides, a cup of joe just tastes good. Recent research suggests that this beloved beverage may also offer some health benefits for prostate cancer survivors.
Wait! Watching Prostate Cancer May Be Okay
Men have gotten a lot of conflicting information  relating to prostate cancer screening  over the past few years.  How often to get screened and when to treat a prostate tumor has been extensively debated.  New research may clear up some of the confusion.
Saving 175 Jumbo Jets Full of Men
The results were exciting — a study revealed that a medication lowered prostate cancer risks by nearly 25 percent. But researchers found that men taking the medication who did develop prostate cancer tended to have a more aggressive disease.
Diabetes Rx Shrinks Cancer Deaths
A common diabetes medication — metformin — is proving itself to be multi-talented. It’s an inexpensive, highly effective medicine that does more than lower blood sugar levels. Metformin is becoming something of a star in the cancer world.