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Rx for Prostate Cancer Not for All Men
Preventing the spread of prostate cancer to bones can mean fewer fractures and slower progression of cancer. One medication used for this purpose appears safe, but may not be effective in some patients.
Prostate Surgery May be Better Choice for Younger Men
There's some debate on how to handle early prostate cancer. While some doctors recommend surgery to remove the entire prostate, others advise waiting and monitoring to see if the disease advances.
BPA Exposure Linked to Prostate Cancer
Previous studies have found that a chemical commonly found in plastic products contributes to prostate cancer in animals. Does it have a role in human prostate cancer?
Impact of Exercise on Prostate Cancer Therapy Side Effects
Male hormones called androgens help prostate cancer develop, grow and spread. That’s why the disease is often treated with medications that block androgen activity.
How Painkillers Could Impact Prostate Cancer
One method of treating prostate cancer involves removing the entire prostate gland. The types of medications given during this surgery, a new study has found, may influence the course of the disease.
Inflammation May Signal Reduced Prostate Cancer Risks
The role inflammation plays in prostate cancer has been debated. Studies have shown inflammation increases and decreases prostate cancer risks. A new study suggests inflammation could be a good sign.
Candidate Rx Shows Promise for Certain Prostate Cancer
Male hormones, called androgens, drive prostate cancer. When used to treat prostate cancer, hormone therapy is designed to lower androgen levels. Once prostate cancer no longer responds to this treatment, it’s called castration- or castrate-resistant prostate cancer.
Cholesterol Meds May Lower Cancer Deaths
Cholesterol lowering medications called statins are among the most commonly prescribed medicines in the US. New research is suggesting these medications may lower more than cholesterol in prostate cancer patients.
Melanoma May Be Linked to Prostate Cancer
An interesting fact: severe acne is linked to higher male hormone (androgen) activity. And previous research has suggested that severe teenage acne may be a risk factor for both prostate cancer and melanoma, a potentially deadly form of skin cancer.
Ancient Moves for Prostate Cancer Patients
Qigong is an ancient Chinese practice that combines slow movement, controlled breathing and concentration. People of any age can practice Qigong. A small study recently looked to see if the practice could help with fatigue.