Health News

Stress Makes You Age Faster
Stress has many effects on the human body. Some are immediate, other effects are hidden and have lasting implications. But just how unhealthy is stress? A new study suggests that it can actually make you age faster.
One Cure for Crankiness: Drink Water
If you're waiting until you feel thirsty before drinking water, then you're waiting too long. And without proper hydration, you're likely to feel moody, anxious and unable to concentrate.
Reduce Stress! Enjoy Green Spaces
Are you stressed out? Excess amounts of stress cause hormonal imbalances in the body and can lead to other health problems. If you are dealing with stress - natural ‘green’ spaces could help.
Nature Reduces Stress
If you don't see green when you look out the window, you're at greater risk of mental and behavioral health issues, a new study suggests.
Treat Grief With Love Not Drugs
One of the world’s leading general medical journals just expressed its concerns about changes in the upcoming edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-V).
Is Your Teen Drinking? Set Rules!
Teenagers face the pressures of illegal drinking whether parents talk to them about it or not.  New research supports moms and dads who not only talk to their children about alcohol but also set rules.
Coach Caring, Not Winning
If you’re coaching your son or daughter’s little league this year, you might want to focus more on developing the children than winning the game, a new study suggests.
Too Much Food Weighs Down Thought
It’s fine to have your cake and eat it too, just don’t have it all the time…or you may not remember it!
Are You a Negative Nelly?
If you are consistently pessimistic on Facebook, you may be causing some of the online community to dislike you, new research finds.  
Take a Snack, If You Please
We all know someone who goes that extra mile to spread joy and aid others, but did you notice that they also tend to snack more?