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Healthy Holiday Tips
With most of the country already in the heart of winter, here are some tips for staying healthy this holiday season and into the new year.
Obese Children Showed Signs of Stress
Stress can affect any of us, and one recent study found that bodies of obese children may be under more hormonal stress than their normal weight peers.
10 Ways to Beat the Holiday Blues
The holiday season is supposed to be fun for everyone. Sometimes, however, a person’s expectations can lead to feeling overwhelmed and or even disappointed.
Healthy Ways to Deal with Holiday Weight and Stress
Since stress and depression can lead to overeating as a way to “self-medicate,” try out these 8 tips to curb the 7 pounds and have a joyful holiday!
Some Kids' Stress Might Mean Weight Gain
Children respond to stressful life events in different ways, just as adults do. However, one common result may be a higher risk of becoming overweight.
The Role of Stress in Confusion After Surgery
It's not odd to feel a little foggy headed after certain surgeries. But once the anesthesia has worn off, continued confusion may be a sign of a bigger problem. This type of confusion may lead to serious complications later.
Caregivers' Life Span May Be Longer
As the population ages, more and more people are taking on the role of caregiver, supporting older relatives as they age. It has been suggested that the stress of this role can bring health problems, but a new study found that caregivers may actually live longer.
When the Stress Goes to Your Head
Certain events in our lives can cause very high levels of stress. From deaths and divorce to losing a job, the stress of these events might last longer than we realize.
More Stress, More Pounds?
Past research has suggested that people from poorer backgrounds may have an increased risk of being obese. As researchers dive deeper into this relationship, they are finding that stress may play a role.
Active College Students Healthier, Happier
Physical activity is an important part of a healthy lifestyle for everyone. It is especially important for college students and young adults who are under stress.