Health News

The Pain of Deployment
The stress of having a parent deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan can wear on any child. Long-term deployment, though, may have a major impact on children, according to a recent study.
Tough Childhood Could Lead to Depression
Some people are resilient emotionally to life's struggles, while others must fight off the darkness of depression. A recent study suggests the difference could lie in our childhoods.
Single Moms Have Poorer Health in Midlife
Presently, 40 percent of first children born in the United States are brought into the world outside a traditional marriage. As these single mothers enter middle age, their health problems could lead to a public health crisis.
Teachers Need Personal Days too!
Children spend up to fifty hours a week in school. It is known that teaching is a notoriously stressful job, so, how does a teacher’s stress level affect a student?
Less Stress, Less Weight
Losing weight can be very difficult, but researchers have found something that may help you shed those pounds: less stress plus enough sleep equals lower wieght.
Food For (Happy) Thought
With the holidays having come to a close, and much of the nation dealing with inclement weather and cold temperatures, it's natural to sometimes feel a decrease in mood and positive thinking.
Love Your Baby's Brain
Two new studies reveal how a mother's love is good for her baby's developing brain.
Dedication Is Stressful
According to research from the Center for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH), workers who are the most dedicated to their jobs may face the highest risk of work-related stress.
Perceiving Shell Shock
According to researchers at the Military Mental Health Research Center and the Rudolf Magnus Institute of Neuroscience, soldiers' brains adapt to perceived threats rather than actual events during a mission.
Before the Troubles Begin
Researchers from the U.S. Army have found that screening for mental health conditions prior to deployment reduces psychiatric and behavioral problems among soldiers.