Health News

Exercise for RA: Heart and Lungs Benefit
Rheumatoid arthritis can cause pain and tenderness in joints, so patients frequently become sedentary. A new study may give people with the disease a new reason to move.
An Hour a Day to Keep Breast Cancer Away
Research has demonstrated that physical activity lowers the risk of breast cancer. What hasn’t been clear are the specifics – how long and how intense the exercise needs to be to cut risks. A new study drills down on how exercise can reduce a postmenopausal woman's chances of developing breast cancer.
Harder Workout Keeps the Legs At Ease
With restless legs, maybe the key is just to keep them moving with exercise. But movement alone is not quite what the legs need to keep them from being restless at night.
240 Minutes a Week to Keep BP Normal
More is usually better when it comes to exercise and physical activity. But even a few hours every week can have an impact on your weight, mood and, as new research shows, blood pressure.
Exercise as Disease Treatment?
Going for a run, swimming laps, or riding a bike can be a healthy way to feel better and stay at a healthy weight. But can it be a treatment plan for disease as well?
Get Moving on World Heart Day
As James Brown says, “Get up offa that thing.” On September 29, World Heart Day, the World Heart Federation (WHF) encourages everyone to think of heart health and get moving.
For Pre-Diabetes, Being Fit Beats Being Thin
When it comes to improving health in people with pre-diabetes, fitness may matter more than fatness. In fact, a heavy person who is fit may have just as good a chance of survival as a normal weight person who is fit.
Celebrate Women's Health Day by Getting Fit
September 25 is National Women's Health and Fitness Day. There's no better time to start eating right, exercising and taking charge of your health.
Two is Better than One for Knee OA Pain
Diet and exercise are two things that heavier adults are told to consider when seeking relief from pain in the knees. With osteoarthritis, exercise by itself might not be enough to reduce the stress placed on those joints.
Exercise for Depression: The Jury Is Still Out
It's not news that exercise can boost mood. But as far as helping with actual depression, exercise might not work as well as other methods to ease symptoms.