Health News

A Workout a Day May Keep Cancer Away
There have been several advances in breast cancer treatment. But it is natural to wonder if you could do something to avoid the disease. Researchers believe exercise may help fight off breast cancer.
Yoga for Your Back: Once or Twice a Week?
Yoga can be therapeutic for the body in a number of ways. And for people with back pain, a little bit of yoga can go a long way.
When Workouts Can't Burn the Sugar
Exercise has been known to help prevent type 2 diabetes. But certain patients with the condition might not get the same results as others.
Using Your Feet to Build Up Weak Legs
Limbs slowed and weakened by arteries with plaque build-up can benefit from exercise. Sometimes, patients with those problems have no choice but to create their own exercise plans.
Kids, Get Up and Dance Dance!
Perhaps kids would go outside and play more often if they weren't playing video games. Or perhaps they would get more exercise if they played active video games. Or maybe both are true!
For Diabetes, Some Need More Exercise
To stay fit, people are encouraged to work out at a moderate intensity level several times a week. Even with the same duration of exercise, some might not benefit from this regimen.
Eating Away Prostate Cancer
Once a person is diagnosed with cancer, can diet and exercise make a difference? You bet! Lifestyle is hugely important to keep cancer from progressing or returning.
Run for Your Life
It's difficult to list all the ways daily physical activity can improve your health. Having a good level of fitness can even relate to the quality of your mental health.
Running Is in the Knees and Ankles
A lot of hardcore runners have proper running form on the mind. Another concern they may have is foot posture, or the way the foot and ankle can roll in or out. Does foot posture make a difference in staying injury-free?
Exercise: Spread It Out Or All At Once?
Many Americans may find it hard to fit exercise time into their busy schedules. But if they can free up just a few hours each week, they may get all the exercise they need to avoid some serious health problems.