Health News

Exercising is Fun with Phone Support
It's easier to be active when there's someone to keep you in line. Some cancer patients can stay on track with the help of a phone buddy.
Getting on the Ball for Spinal Arthritis
Exercise is a key part of managing arthritis of the spine. But exercise comes in many forms. So, for patients with spinal arthritis, what are the benefits of different types of exercise?
When Soccer Gets Down and Dirty
Maybe soccer players need more than shin pads. Young athletes can take some major blows and bruises during practice and games. And the number of injuries increase as players get older.
Vitamins to Breathe
It's good to huff and puff after a hard work out. But too much wheezing and coughing could be a sign of a more serious breathing condition. Vitamin C could help with that.
The Value of Physical Activity & Diet in Cancer Prevention
Though most women in general know what it takes to be healthy, not every woman knows what it takes to prevent cancer. Some claim they are doing what it takes to keep cancer at bay, but reports say otherwise.
Health Suffers When Money is Tight
Most individuals want to practice healthy behaviors, but everyday situations sometimes make that hard. So, how does an economic downturn like the 2008 recession affect people's behaviors?
Combining Healthy Strategies
We know we are supposed to make healthy lifestyle choices. But how much of an effect do choices like diet, exercise and non-smoking really have on our lifespan?
In Tune with Yoga and the Mind
The 'oms' and deep breaths with yoga can bring calmness and peace. And the focus can also make the brain sharper and respond faster.
It Takes a Village for Kids to Lose Weight
If it takes a village to raise a child, does it take a village to keep that child from becoming overweight? What happens when people in the community create a program aimed at children?
Staying Fit to Stay Heart-Healthy
One part of keeping your heart healthy is keeping your arteries healthy. One thing that may help keep your arteries healthy is staying physically fit, even when you're still a teenager.