Health News

Activity Level Among the Elderly Needs a Jump Start
It's a stalemate: men and women are equally active as they age. Exercise is no competition between the two genders, but activity level goes down rather than up.
Sunny Work Day for More Peace at Night
When workers can't get outdoors during the day, sitting next to a window is the next best thing. The light exposure can improve sleep quality and physical well-being.
Working Out The Wobbly Knees
Muscle strength is key to helping wobbly knees become more stable. And you have to exercise to get that muscle strength. But whether or not the exercise focuses on the knees might not matter.
The Path to Work is a Social Thing
Group support can make or break healthy behaviors, even in commuting to work. Support for walking and biking to the job comes in a number of different forms.
Four Minutes to Good Health
With the busy schedules many Americans have adopted, little time may be left over to get fit. But five minutes may be all that's needed to improve their health.
Heart Device Is Not a Sports Spoiler
Many people who have implantable defibrillators to treat their irregular heartbeats are advised to take it easy when it comes to sports, but this recommendation may be overly cautious.
Work Your Bones Now for Strength Later
Sit ups for breakfast? Lazy bones as a child could make the body pay as a grown up. Adults may have greater knee cartilage and bone strength in their lower legs if they are more physically active as children.
Lost With Newly Diagnosed Diabetes
If you are diagnosed with diabetes, you should make many changes to your lifestyle. Unfortunately, patients who are newly diagnosed with diabetes may not be getting the information they need to make these changes.
Getting Healthy at the Workplace
It's easy for workers to fall into a rut of unhealthy habits. Most jobs don't make it easy or convenient to eat right and exercise. But it doesn't have to be that way.
Mid-Season Shoulder Injuries
Is it better to do a quick fix or long-term solution when it comes to shoulder injuries? Doctors said it depends on the bigger picture.